Our work methodology

We view every project as unique, and approach it with methodology, rigour, professionalism, confidentiality, and ethics both towards our customers as well as our candidates.
With our very own database, our experience in direct search and recruitment 2.0 sources, we identify candidates from target companies, defined alongside our client, which best fit the position objectively.

With our vast knowledge of interviews, we evaluate the technical, competency and motivational capabilities of the candidates, always looking for the perfect fit for each organization.
In Management Audit we evaluate both the internal and external talent of the organizations, using our own assessment tools, designed to be applied individually and/or collectively.
We also have, experienced and certified professionals to administer psychometric and personality tests.

We always maintain a fast, smooth and timely communication with both our client and the candidate. Presenting you with a progress report, in the middle and end of the process, which includes all the information obtained and the work performed, as well as a final report of the candidates.