What does Smart mean?

In order to explain the “Smart” concept applied to our work methodology, let me first show you a short excerpt from Roddy Doyle’s (1999) novel “A Star Named Henry”. Its protagonist, Henry Smart, sums up in a concrete way our way of acting and the way in which we can help you.

I was eight years old and barely surviving. I’d spent three years on the streets, under the boxes, in the gates. I was smart, but illiterate; I was robust, but I was always sick; I was handsome and I was handsome and I was a dirty man. And I survived. But it wasn’t enough. I’ve been dying to have something else.

I washed and groomed Victor and went to the national school behind a huge gate.

– We have come to receive our education – I said.
– Oh, yes,” said the voice.
– Well, yes, I do.
– Know that you’re four years late!
– I’ve been kind of busy.
– What’s your name again?
– Henry Smart – I said.
– Two and two? – he said to me.
– I don’t know. Two and two what? – I said.
– Cows,” he said.
– Four – I said.
– Twenty-seven and twenty-seven? – she said.

– what?
– Bottles.
– Filled with what?
– Toasted beer.
– Fifty-four.
– Are you a genius?
– What is a genius?
– A very smart boy,” she said.
– Well, I wouldn’t be surprised,” I said.

He took a very long chalk and wrote 6 +6 +14 – 7 = on the blackboard. She did it without looking, attentive to what was happening in the classroom. Then he tapped on each number.

– Let’s see Henry, tell us. If a man has six very valuable dogs and six very valuable female dogs, and if they all have fourteen puppies but he has to sell seven because he is behind on his rent and the landlord threatens to evict him, how many dogs does he have left?
– Nineteen – I said.”

Knowledge alone and in the abstract does not necessarily have practical value. Our solutions to improve organizations are the result of our extensive experience and knowledge, but above all of a quick and simple methodology, adapted to each case and focused on results. This is Smart Management. Intelligent solutions tailored to the company.